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Who we are and what we stand for

Emerald Jaaz is a purposeful lifestyle brand and platform, offering information, products and services. We celebrate authentically audacious people. We focus on people who aren’t afraid to be true to themselves. People, who know very well that life is made of precious moments.

They fully embrace those moments. People, who never switched on – or consciously decided to switch off – the autopilot button of their lives. Global-minded people, who are eager to learn about the world, therefore about themselves. People, who don’t take themselves too seriously. Generous people filled with gratitude, who don’t take others for granted. People, who strive for positive simplicity and who have cut out the “noise”. People, who prefer to be real rather than to play it safe. People, who abide by integrity, elegance, passion, graciousness and love.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy has a lot to do with authenticity.

We choose to live our lives with intention, audacity and in full harmony with our own unique personal essence.

We listen to ourselves and have the courage to take action, even if some moves prove to be “unpopular” or we hear from all sorts of directions how “crazy” we are. We do not seek approval. At first, such a path may not necessarily be the easiest or the most comfortable, but it definitely is a rewarding one. We are confident and at ease – in part also because we have strongly invested into the lifelong quest of getting to truly understand who we are.

Actually, we believe that being true to ourselves is the only path to leading a fulfilling life: free of hypocrisy, excuses, established conventions and conditioning. When we have aligned our lives to fully reflect who we are, the internal serenity, light and beauty emanates from within us and we are creative and inspired.

That is why we also believe that then, and only then, we are able to give the gift of our best selves to others. It all starts at “home”: with ourselves. We love to learn and to constantly progress and better ourselves as human beings.

What we stand for

We know what we want. We favour quality over quantity in what we do. We have faith in our dreams and ambitions. We are strongly dedicated, whilst understanding and practising the importance of letting go. We value our and others’ time and energy. That is why we filter, prioritise and, if necessary, say no. We prioritise to be able to say yes to our dreams and to cherish the precious time we have with those whom we love and care about.

Since we are passionate about what we do, we do not consider our activity as “work”, but rather as a part of who we are. It is an integral part of our life. We do what we say we are going to do. We laugh. We value experiences. We love to have a great time – in all simplicity. We focus on truly living rather than appearing or pleasing. We cherish and make the most of the present moment.

Our offer


Purposeful feminine clothing

In our shop, you will find a few delicately created pieces of feminine statement clothing. These are the very first of a series of Emerald Jaaz branded products. They are like precious jewels. Quality by far outweighs quantity. All pieces have been uniquely designed in Paris – from scratch. They were all produced in Europe – with only the highest quality, carefully selected European fabrics. These timeless feminine pieces are elegant, comfortable and versatile to accommodate the modern global-minded lady. She is refined, yet does not let “fashion” interfere with her selected lifestyle. Emerald Jaaz pieces allow her to dress-up and dress-down, travel, trot through the city in style whilst, above all, enabling her to simply focus on the stuff she wants to get done.

Content partnerships

Become a content partner

The Emerald Jaaz platform also offers the possibility to explore partnerships as well as advertising. Please contact us should you be interested to find out more.

Uplifting interviews

Contagious attitudes

We invite you to celebrate with us authentic, audacious and open-minded people through uplifting interviews about their choices and lifestyles. Their philosophy and attitudes are contagious!

Inspirational shots

Food for thought

We offer inspirational shots. They are short articles that reflect on a given, straightforward topic – perhaps proposing a complementary perspective or just a simple booster to your day.


The Third Suitcase

The Third Suitcase is the title of the fiction book recently published by Emerald Jaaz founder and CEO, Jarmila Zářická. You may find out more about the novel The Third Suitcase and purchase a digital or printed paperback copy version here.

Communications services

17 years of expertise in communication

Communications services: Building on the Emerald Jaaz founder, Jarmila Zářická’s, 17-year proven extensive expertise in vast fields of international communications and public affairs, and thanks to our network of trusted partners, we offer to accompany you in taking care of your communications needs. We would be glad to discuss with you about how we could help you with your personal or company communications, branding, reputation management, marketing, content production, speech writing and more. Please feel free to contact us.

Meet the founder

A passionate traveller, an avid writer and reader, as well as an enthusiastic skier, Jarmila Zářická is a true global citizen. With dual Czech and Australian background, Jarmila’s professional and personal endeavours have led her to live in as diverse places as Prague, Brisbane, Paris, Tokyo, Brussels and Frankfurt. She is currently based in Germany.

Following a long career principally in various fields of communications, Jarmila’s deep affinity and admiration for audaciously authentic, positive and open-minded people have inspired her to create the Emerald Jaaz purposeful lifestyle platform. Through Emerald Jaaz, Jarmila celebrates their values and caters to their needs and interests.

Jarmila has degrees in the fields of translating, political science, international relations, marketing and communications from the Charles University in Prague, the Sorbonne University in Paris and the Paris Institute for Political Studies (Sciences Po Paris).

She has extensive experience in all fields of internal and external communications, public affairs and lobbying – working at both publicly listed as well as private multinational industrial companies.

Prior to establishing the purposeful lifestyle Emerald Jaaz platform, Jarmila’s latest role was Vice President Communications for a large business unit of a major French gas and technologies multinational company.

Jarmila’s quest is one for purpose, discovery, learning, truth, justice, empathy and humanity.

All of the content on this Emerald Jaaz purposeful lifestyle platform has been written by Jarmila.