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Meet Jarmila

Hello, I’m Jarmila.

I’m a loving mother and wife. I’m also a passionate traveller, skier, reader and mentor.

Having grown up with a dual Czech and Australian background, my professional and personal adventures have led me to live in as diverse cities as Prague, Brisbane, Paris, Tokyo, Brussels and Frankfurt.

I believe that through travel we not only discover the actual places and people we encounter, but, above all, we gift ourselves the immense opportunity to rediscover ourselves.

My exhilarating life journey has brought me to Frankfurt, Germany, where I currently live with my German husband and our young daughter.

After a 20-year multinational corporate career in communications, public affairs and lobbying, I felt it was time for a brand-new way of living that was aligned with who I was becoming. The desire to fully own my time, live on my terms, have more flexibility and serve others according to my own beliefs and values prompted me to set up my own company from scratch.

My business has evolved over the couple of years since I started it. You may read about that on the Home page.

Today, I love to fully focus on helping intentional people break free from the corporate employee system to set up their own meaningful business – in all confidentiality.

I have great affinity for open-minded people who want to live in their purpose. I enjoy mentoring those who are not afraid to question the status quo to gain more quality time and freedom in their lives. I love to celebrate and support these individuals on their paths to transition from employee to independent.

When it comes to formal education, I have degrees in the fields of translating, political science, international relations, marketing and communications from the Charles University in Prague, the Sorbonne University in Paris and the Paris Institute for Political Studies (Sciences Po Paris). Indeed, some academic education certainly serves a particular purpose; nevertheless, I consider the learnings I gained from living life fully and reading extensively to be my most valuable education.

Professionally, in addition to having set up my business from scratch, I have extensive experience in internal and external communications, public affairs, lobbying and mentoring – having worked at both publicly listed as well as private multinational industrial companies for 20 years. Prior to establishing my own business, my latest corporate role was Vice President Communications for a large business unit of a major gas and technologies multinational company.

My quest is that of freedom, purpose and constant learning. This of course means different things to different people at different times.

My passion is to share my knowledge and experience to help others also live on their own terms and in their own unique essence.

However far we come from, the start of a new way of life is just a decision away.

What we stand for

We focus on people who aren’t afraid to be true to themselves. People, who know very well that life is made of precious moments. They fully embrace those moments. People, who never switched on – or consciously decided to switch off – the autopilot button of their lives. Global-minded people, who are eager to learn about the world, therefore about themselves. People, who don’t take themselves too seriously. Generous people filled with gratitude, who don’t take others for granted. People, who strive for positive simplicity and who have cut out the “noise”. People, who prefer to be real rather than to play it safe. People, who abide by integrity, elegance, passion, graciousness and love.

Our philosophy has a lot to do with authenticity. We choose to live our lives with intention, audacity and in full harmony with our own unique personal essence. We listen to ourselves and have the courage to take action, even if some moves prove to be “unpopular” or we hear from all sorts of directions how “crazy” we are. We do not seek approval. At first, such a path may not necessarily be the easiest or the most comfortable, but it definitely is a rewarding one. We are confident and at ease – in part also because we have strongly invested into the lifelong quest of getting to truly understand who we are.

Actually, we believe that being true to ourselves is the only path to leading a fulfilling life: free of hypocrisy, excuses, established conventions and conditioning. When we have aligned our lives to fully reflect who we are, the internal serenity, light and beauty emanates from within us and we are creative and inspired. That is why we also believe that then, and only then, we are able to give the gift of our best selves to others. It all starts at “home”: with ourselves. We love to learn and to constantly progress and better ourselves as human beings.

We know what we want. We favour quality over quantity in what we do. We have faith in our dreams and ambitions. We are strongly dedicated, whilst understanding and practising the importance of letting go. We value our and others’ time and energy. That is why we filter, prioritise and, if necessary, say no. We prioritise to be able to say yes to our dreams and to cherish the precious time we have with those whom we love and care about.

Since we are passionate about what we do, we do not consider our activity as “work”, but rather as a part of who we are. It is an integral part of our life. We do what we say we are going to do. We laugh. We value experiences. We love to have a great time – in all simplicity. We focus on truly living rather than appearing or pleasing. We cherish and make the most of the present moment.