Important shift

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What is an important shift people need to make when going from employee to independent? To stop using their job title to define their worth in society! Even if this is unconscious, many of the people I help to leave their employee status to start their own business need to get used to this adjustment. As employees, they tended to associate their self-worth by the so-called prestige of their job title: They have been striving hard to climb the ladder. When they finally obtained the role of, say, Director, Vice President or CEO of a corporation, many felt like this is how they

Learning to walk

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Observing my baby daughter learn to walk, she was tripping, stumbling and falling before fully mastering the act of walking. She was determined to learn, persevered, tried, didn’t give up, tried again, and …voilà! This seems so obvious. It’s human nature. We learn by falling down. Then why are so many people totally blocked with fear when it comes to taking the first steps to pursue their dream lifestyle? Why are some so fearful of taking action when it comes to transitioning from employee to living on their own terms? Even though they so want it? Even though, with time, the so-called comfort

Common mistake in online communications

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What is a common mistake people make in their online communications as they transition from employee to independent? They keep showing up the same way! As employees, people mainly focus on showcasing their job titles, their academic or other accolades, courses that they took, promotions that they recently obtained, and ‘job well done’ moments. Basically, how great they are. In a way, it makes sense: Employees want to be visible for the next promotion, climb the ladder, be seen by recruiters to be considered for their next corporate challenge, and look good among their colleagues and industry stakeholders. When we do make that

Our ideal life

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Nowadays, an increasing number of people want to quit the system of being employees at corporations. They want to be independent and run their own business. Who wouldn’t want to live on their own terms? It’s a no-brainer. This transition requires us to start with the essential foundations. When I guide my clients to go from employee to independent, we spend the necessary time to get crystal clear about their IDEAL LIFE. What do I mean by ideal life? It’s our longer-term vision and our guiding point that drives all of our choices, including the one to go from employee to independent. Once

My life is so different now: Unlearning and learning

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My life is so different now to what it used to be a few years ago. Back then, I was a communications executive working for multinational industrial companies. Despite the various perks, my time was not mine. The voice inside me telling me there’s more to life was becoming uncomfortably louder and louder. Over time, the urge to break out of the golden cage became stronger and stronger. If you are perfectly honest with yourself, there is something irritatingly uncomfortable about a golden cage. Especially when you know that you, and ONLY you, are holding the key. I did break out of it.

Clarifying your values

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Don’t start a business without having first clarified your values. When we talk about our values from a business-building perspective, we mean “who we are and what we stand for”. This is our mission that guides us through the different steps, be they preparatory, launching, communications, marketing, maintaining, upgrading, and so on. We define our values prior to having clarified our business concept, i.e. before we start working on the type of business we will have. Since we are the ones who are creating our own business, it makes sense to instil into our new business values that equally apply to our personal

People ask me…

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Over the last months and years, I’ve had people reach out to me to ask about how I went from corporate executive to building my thriving business from scratch. (Those who contacted me also included some of my former colleagues.) They wanted to know the reasons behind it, what went on in my head as I was making the decision, how I actually felt leaving the corporate world, when I judged it to be a good time to leave, any fears I had, my motivation behind it… They were also asking about the actual preparatory transition phase leading up to my leave, about

Your online network of like-minded people

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It’s no news that we’re going through a radical transformation in the way we work. Many people recently got a taste of what it feels like to not have to spend the day being present at the office on a daily basis. They and their employers realised that, for many professions, the work can be done just as well – if not better and quicker – by working from home. Technology is on everyone’s side. Let’s face it: who doesn’t enjoy the comfort, flexibility and productivity of working from wherever you decide? Now – since we are in the midst of a revolution

Living on our own terms: results of my survey

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I recently conducted a survey for those who want to quit being employees and start to live on their own terms. For those who want to create their business and serve others with purpose. The interest is huge: Many people want to become professionally independent. Not surprising given the current global context, plus the technology we have access to. Trends that came up in the survey: Challenges people have as employees: tired of having to execute orders they do not agree with bored of routine and reporting frustrated at themselves for not breaking out of their golden cage not living a higher purpose