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Change Management Communications

Mergers, downsizing and cost-cutting are becoming more and more common in corporations. Such major transformations involve thorough implementation plans of the foreseen changes – that will inevitably shake the organisation to its core.

A detailed change management outline on an excel file is one thing. How the entire transformation will be perceived by those who are targeted is another. That will be decisive as there is often a lot to ask from the employees.

Ultimately, the success of the transformation depends on the employee buy-in. If the employees are not convinced by it, they become demotivated and uncooperative. This in turn leads to disastrous consequences for the plan itself and for the business on a broader level.

Communications experts must be involved in the change management process right from the start of the discussion phase. Anticipating what messages, when, to whom and through which means to communicate is key in ensuring that employees adhere. Clearly, not all groups should receive the same information at the same time and in the same way.

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