//Experiences Rather than Stuff

Experiences Rather than Stuff

By streamlining and simplifying your existence, you get to the core of what matters: your purpose and simply being your own authentic self, without masks. This is the most generous state to be in since you offer the best of yourself to others – without the useless mental or physical distractions that come with all the clutter.

Since my childhood, I have moved probably about 20 times, whilst always travelling extensively. It’s thrilling to break habits, discover new cultures and start with a relatively clean slate each time.

The more you move and travel, the more you come to realise that stuff – be it material or mental clutter – represent an unwanted and unnecessary burden.

You become a lot more detached, which I personally consider to be a wonderful liberation.

For instance, the notion of ‘home’ is not a geographical place; it is in your heart; like a fortress you have constructed within you.

You get to the core of things directly.

Instead of investing your time and resources into material things, you invest into your own personal development, experiences and discovering the world through travelling. With loved ones and also – also very important – alone.

Who can relate?

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