//Important shift

Important shift

What is an important shift people need to make when going from employee to independent?

To stop using their job title to define their worth in society!

Even if this is unconscious, many of the people I help to leave their employee status to start their own business need to get used to this adjustment.

As employees, they tended to associate their self-worth by the so-called prestige of their job title:
They have been striving hard to climb the ladder. When they finally obtained the role of, say, Director, Vice President or CEO of a corporation, many felt like this is how they needed to identify with themselves. Afterall, they ‘made it’.

When people start to build up their own business, these job titles obviously disappear.
They are finally in charge of their own life.
Nobody gives them a ‘job well done’ pat on the back.
Nobody puts them on a list of company high potentials or highlights their ‘good team work’ at management meetings.

(Those who have that independent streak have not been craving all that in the first place anyway.)

When they start their own business, they dig deeper than what has been written on their business card until recently: They relate to themselves as who they have always been, on a more profound level.

They get huge fulfilment showing up who they truly are, serving others with purpose.
They give the gift of their true selves to their ideal client.

They strive to set up their new business in a way that serves their chosen lifestyle. Their intentional business BECOMES their lifestyle.

That is just one of the things I help my clients with as they prepare to quit their corporate job to start living on their own terms by creating their own values-driven business.

I went down this road too: from corporate executive to building from scratch my service- and product-based online business.
And I love to share my knowledge and experience to help others on their journey to live on their own terms.
There couldn’t be a better time than now to venture on that independent path!

Be honest with yourself: Have you been using your job title to define your worth in society?


About the author: Jarmila Zářická is a loving mother, wife, friend and mentor. She is a Czech-Australian global citizen having lived and worked on numerous continents – with Germany the current stop on her exhilarating life journey. A few years ago, Jarmila decided to leave her 20-year international corporate career in communications and public affairs – to launch her own service- and product-based online business from scratch. Today, Jarmila is passionate about helping others to also live independently by sharing her knowledge, hands-on experience and lessons learned on how to go from employee to launching their own company. Details on her website (emeraldjaaz.com). For inquiries, get in touch with Jarmila via email (jz@emeraldjaaz.com).

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