Experiences Rather than Stuff

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By streamlining and simplifying your existence, you get to the core of what matters: your purpose and simply being your own authentic self, without masks. This is the most generous state to be in since you offer the best of yourself to others – without the useless mental or physical distractions that come with all the clutter.

Change Management Communications

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Mergers, downsizing and cost-cutting are becoming more and more common in corporations. Such major transformations involve thorough implementation plans of the foreseen changes – that will inevitably shake the organisation to its core.

Emerald Jaaz Fashion: Celebrating Successful Cooperations

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When launching a new business, it is fundamental to surround oneself with trusted partners. These partners need not only be reliable professionals in their given fields, but also capable of listening, anticipating and adapting to the sometimes unpredictable paths of the projects they are entrusted with. All with a smile!

Taking Action

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After consideration, you would like to take a major step in your career and lifestyle. You want a change to feel more fulfilled. Going for that promotion. Or transitioning from corporate to your own business. Perhaps scaling your current activity to be more aligned with market trends and your personal values. Or finally writing that book.

Gift of Life

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An extract from “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer:  “… two kinds of experiences can occur that block the heart. You are either trying to push energies away because they bother you, or you are trying to keep energies close because you like them.”

Emerald Jaaz Fashion

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When you love what you do and involve along the entire production cycle professionals who are aligned with your values and high standards, it shows in the finished products!

Roots and Modernity

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Walking through the streets of Dubai recently, during the special month of Ramadan, many, many things struck my attention.

  • Emeralds, Vienna Museum of Natural History, Austria. Photo Credit: Jarmila Zářická


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Based on my experience, I am convinced that the easiest way (by far!) to attract new clients is to generously invest in our existing ones.

  • Parione, Rome, Italy. Photo Credit: Jarmila Zářická


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An effectively conveyed message is one that is straight-to-the point, concise and simple, using a tone that is most adapted to its target audience.

  • Überlingen, Germany. Photo Credit: Jarmila Zářická


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The 1957 winner of the Nobel Prize of Literature, Albert Camus, jotted in what later became his famous ‘Notebooks’, the simple yet poignant affirmation, “But above all, in order to be, never try to seem”.