//Living on our own terms: results of my survey

Living on our own terms: results of my survey

I recently conducted a survey for those who want to quit being employees and start to live on their own terms. For those who want to create their business and serve others with purpose.

The interest is huge: Many people want to become professionally independent.

Not surprising given the current global context, plus the technology we have access to.

Trends that came up in the survey:

Challenges people have as employees:

  • tired of having to execute orders they do not agree with
  • bored of routine and reporting
  • frustrated at themselves for not breaking out of their golden cage
  • not living a higher purpose
  • having reached maturity but still stuck in corporate
  • not feeling confident enough to break out
  • fear of failure, taking a risk, what others might say
  • spending money on unnecessary stuff to fill a void caused by frustration and filling their ‘life’ with unproductive and useless clutter
  • not knowing where to start
  • lack of experience and guidance
  • not having enough money to start their business
  • no structure or plan to do so

Their desires:

  • having a greater chance to make an impact on others’ lives
  • more time for self and family
  • freedom of time and space
  • directly serving greater good, versus serving shareholders
  • leaving a legacy
  • choosing own topics to work on
  • having something bigger than just a job
  • earning more
  • having greater personal fulfilment
  • living out their purpose through their everyday activities

This list is far from exhaustive.

I used the results from this survey and my own personal experience of going from a multinational corporate executive to business owner to create and run an online trial course in August 2021 called “Go from Employee to Independent” for 30 participants.

The insights from this course were incredible!

The online course has since been enriched and tweaked based on various feedback from participants.

It has since become my signature programme and is available as a group course or as an exclusive personalised 1:1 mentoring programme.

Is there anything else you would add to the list of challenges and desires from the survey?


About the author: Jarmila Zářická is a loving mother, wife, friend and mentor. She is a Czech-Australian global citizen having lived and worked on numerous continents – with Germany the current stop on her exhilarating life journey. A few years ago, Jarmila decided to leave her 20-year international corporate career in communications and public affairs – to launch her own service- and product-based online business from scratch. Today, Jarmila is passionate about helping others to also live independently by sharing her knowledge, hands-on experience and lessons learned on how to go from employee to launching their own company. Details on her website (emeraldjaaz.com). For inquiries, get in touch with Jarmila via email (jz@emeraldjaaz.com).

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