//My life is so different now: Unlearning and learning

My life is so different now: Unlearning and learning

My life is so different now to what it used to be a few years ago.

Back then, I was a communications executive working for multinational industrial companies. Despite the various perks, my time was not mine.

The voice inside me telling me there’s more to life was becoming uncomfortably louder and louder.

Over time, the urge to break out of the golden cage became stronger and stronger.

If you are perfectly honest with yourself, there is something irritatingly uncomfortable about a golden cage.

Especially when you know that you, and ONLY you, are holding the key.

I did break out of it.
I made an intentional decision to live on my own terms.
I promised to myself that I will make my courage bigger than my fear and make it work.

Today, I am well into my third year of motherhood.
My time belongs to me, my young daughter, my husband and those who are dear to me.
I run a thriving business that I had set up from scratch.
I love the convenience and comfort of working from home. I get to be there for my daughter and, at the same time, lead a purposeful business by empowering others to do the same.

It’s been a journey of unlearning and learning.
Coming from a corporate environment, the UNlearning part came first and was absolutely crucial in order to move forward in building my own business.

Do you also find that, sometimes, to learn something new, you have to first get rid of your ‘old’ ways and unlearn?


About the author: Jarmila Zářická is a loving mother, wife, friend and mentor. She is a Czech-Australian global citizen having lived and worked on numerous continents – with Germany the current stop on her exhilarating life journey. A few years ago, Jarmila decided to leave her 20-year international corporate career in communications and public affairs – to launch her own service- and product-based online business from scratch. Today, Jarmila is passionate about helping others to also live independently by sharing her knowledge, hands-on experience and lessons learned on how to go from employee to launching their own company. Details on her website (emeraldjaaz.com). For inquiries, get in touch with Jarmila via email (jz@emeraldjaaz.com).

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