//Our ideal life

Our ideal life

Nowadays, an increasing number of people want to quit the system of being employees at corporations. They want to be independent and run their own business.

Who wouldn’t want to live on their own terms? It’s a no-brainer.

This transition requires us to start with the essential foundations.

When I guide my clients to go from employee to independent, we spend the necessary time to get crystal clear about their IDEAL LIFE.

What do I mean by ideal life?

It’s our longer-term vision and our guiding point that drives all of our choices, including the one to go from employee to independent.

Once we have clarified our ideal life – and only then – can we move on.
Everything else – such as the type of business we transition to, our motivation, strategy, planning, communications and marketing – will flow from that.

This tip could be useful in identifying your ideal life:

Pick a milestone date in the future, e.g. a significant birthday in a few years.

Do your best to take away any thoughts about the current reality or constraints you might have, be they financial, time-related or psychological. Imagine that anything is possible for you and that there are no external or self-imposed constraints.

What does your life look like? How are you living? Where are you? What are you doing? Focus on all the major areas, such as relationships, health, professional, financial, lifestyle, geography, emotions, etc.

The choice is yours. But you have to make it. You have to get clear about it.

Note and hold on to this vision.

Getting clear about your ideal life not only drives your efforts in going from employee to independent, it helps you to be generally more proactive in other areas of your daily life. It’s an everyday reminder to take steps towards this vision – versus aimlessly “going with the flow”, in all directions and nowhere, wasting time, resources and energy.

This powerful exercise has certainly helped me personally to go from corporate executive to thriving business owner.

Do you regularly clarify your ideal life?


About the author: Jarmila Zářická is a loving mother, wife, friend and mentor. She is a Czech-Australian global citizen having lived and worked on numerous continents – with Germany the current stop on her exhilarating life journey. A few years ago, Jarmila decided to leave her 20-year international corporate career in communications and public affairs – to launch her own service- and product-based online business from scratch. Today, Jarmila is passionate about helping others to also live independently by sharing her knowledge, hands-on experience and lessons learned on how to go from employee to launching their own company. Details on her website (emeraldjaaz.com). For inquiries, get in touch with Jarmila via email (jz@emeraldjaaz.com).

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