//Emerald Jaaz Fashion: Celebrating Successful Cooperations

Emerald Jaaz Fashion: Celebrating Successful Cooperations

When launching a new business, it is fundamental to surround oneself with trusted partners. These partners need not only be reliable professionals in their given fields, but also capable of listening, anticipating and adapting to the sometimes unpredictable paths of the projects they are entrusted with. All with a smile!

It is also fundamental for me to connect on a human level and to enjoy the process of working together. After all, everything soulful we do in life, that breathes passion and is built on our cherished values, comes down to the human aspect. It is ALL about the people.

One of the persons with whom I had the pleasure of working is the aspiring and talented Parisian fashion designer, Camille Salmon.

Highly creative, Camille has an eye for the smallest of details, with the rigour and patience to stop only once the desired outcome has been achieved.

Camille is behind those sleek, clean and naturally flowing lines of the Emerald Jaaz collection.

In this picture, Camille is at work in Montmartre, Paris, on one of her beautiful creations.

Thank you, Camille, for being a part of this wonderful journey!

The Emerald Jaaz fashion collection is available here on the e-shop of this website. Click here to check it out!

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