//Taking Action

Taking Action

After consideration, you would like to take a major step in your career and lifestyle. You want a change to feel more fulfilled.

Going for that promotion. Or transitioning from corporate to your own business. Perhaps scaling your current activity to be more aligned with market trends and your personal values. Or finally writing that book.

You are convinced that this change would tap into your zone of genius whilst allowing you to serve others with purpose. You can’t wait to finally live your desired lifestyle.

You know that consistent and structured action is required to achieve your desired transformation.

You have already read books, consulted with experts, completed courses, even prepared your strategy.

Yet, you are stuck. You convince yourself that you need to complete one more online course, think about it longer, read another book or put xxx (insert BS excuse) in place before you actually take real action.

You CAN get past your own sabotage by identifying and working on your blocking mechanisms. Fear, perfectionism, skewed belief systems, imposter syndrome…  all have to do with low self-esteem. And that is in the mind.

With my 20 years’ obsession with personal growth, I can help.

For enquiries about one-on-one coaching, please feel free to reach out via email by clicking here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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