“I had the privilege of working with Jarmila by taking her course “Go from Employee to Independent”. In her teaching, Jarmila presented a high level of professionalism and offered really great guidance. I have found her content thought-provoking and inspiring to seek out my own personal rhythm and solutions in the process of setting up my coaching practice. I really appreciated her encouraging approach. I finished her course with some great tools to explore and use in becoming an independent entrepreneur.”

Renata Constable, Emotional Courage and Confidence Coach – Canada

“Jarmila is an inspiring leader who is so clear about what brings her joys and is on a courageous mission to help others do the same. Her online program is clear, concise and motivating, all that anyone might need to transition out of their corporate work to working on their own terms.”

Sobia Zafar, Change Strategist – Australia

“Jarmila helped me to find the courage and confidence to get off the fence and take the final step of committing fully to building and growing my own business.

I had been wavering about going back to do ‘one last contract’ in the corporate world, despite leaving it a couple of years previously as the extremely high-pressure and stressful work had led to a burnout. It wasn’t until talking things through with Jamila, I realised I had been subconsciously holding myself back on going all in with my own business ‘just in case’.

Jarmila is an excellent listener and has a very calming way of asking exactly the right questions that made me reflect deeply on my reasons for leaving corporate life in the first place and my motivations for creating a new career doing something I truly love. Her advice was thoughtful and incredibly helpful and her approach extremely empathic.

What really makes a difference is that Jarmila understood exactly how I was feeling through her own past experiences, and was really able to help me find the answers myself that deep down I already knew but had been avoiding. She helped me see aspects I hadn’t considered, that once I did, made it so clear that I needed to fully focus forward and go all in with following my passion and doing work that fills me with joy and on my own terms so I can truly work to live. I truly felt like a great weight had been lifted from me and my energy and drive completely changed once I closed the door on the option of ‘going back’ and truly went all in. I can’t thank you enough Jarmila for your outstanding and expert coaching – you’ve changed my life.”

Charlotte, Health Coach – Switzerland

“I liked Jarmila’s “Go from Employee to Independent” course very much. The content she provided was clear and structured. It helped me in the process of identifying key steps to move forward and create my unique way of connecting to the business world successfully. Thanks, Jarmila!”

Anne Marie Harman, Consultant and Life Coach – Peru

“Thank you, Jarmila, for providing a video course for us. I’ve learned the fundamental foundations of how to set up a company from being an employee. In each module, Jarmila clearly mentioned the points that will help us to set up our company and keep it growing.”

Charles Lai, Managing Director, Travel Industry – Singapore

“Jarmila’s online course takes you from employee to independent step-by-step. It guides you through your fears and obstacles and helps you take the necessary steps towards living on your own terms. I highly recommend the course “Go from Employee to Independent” and working with Jarmila.”

Lena Sfika, Financial Inspector – Greece

“Jarmila is an amazing coach and great content creator. I highly recommend her and her “Go from Employee to Independent” course.”

Damilola Abiola, Content Writer, Proof-reader and Copywriter – Nigeria

“I can totally recommend this course. The facilitator has a profound knowledge and explains everything in an easy way. I did a big step forward. Thanks a lot.”

Heike Lee, on Maternity Leave – Germany