//Welcome to the Emerald Jaaz universe!

Welcome to the Emerald Jaaz universe!


I am proud to present to you this new Emerald Jaaz purposeful lifestyle platform, where audacious, global-minded and courageous people are celebrated and catered to.

This is just the beginning – and what an incredibly fascinating start-up journey it has been so far! Personal growth, major knowledge gained, life lessons learnt (especially in patience), wonderful new people encountered, some very precious existing friendships reinforced and the joy at seeing all of the different elements of Emerald Jaaz come to life. It all started from scratch with a blank page, an idea, a vision, lots of faith and, inevitably, work to join up all the dots.

How can you enjoy Emerald Jaaz?

First of all, Emerald Jaaz features plenty of inspirational content – my very favourite being the interviews of remarkable people. All those who are featured in the interviews are not afraid to aspire to live their lives according to their true essence – and take action to achieve that. This oftentimes signifies having the guts to consciously cut through the noise and leave the herd. Definitely very uncomfortable at first. Yet, the attainment of personal freedom and growth is priceless. And that’s really what it’s all about. I hope you will experience as much delight and elevation reading the interviews and articles as I did preparing each one of them.

Emerald Jaaz is also a brand new women’s fashion garment collection, tailored to purposeful and global lifestyles, where elegance, utmost quality and style go hand in hand with comfort, versatility and practicality. The Emerald Jaaz collection is 100% European: designed in Paris, constructed in the Polish city of Lodz that has a long tradition in garment production, using only the finest Italian and Swiss fabrics which have been meticulously selected and tried. This very first collection features a few styles in different colour and fabric variations. Currently, there are 17 fashion garment options in the Emerald Jaaz Shop, each of them available in five sizes. Check out our “Special Edition” dress, produced specifically to celebrate the launch of this new Emerald Jaaz platform!

The launch of this purposeful lifestyle platform also coincides with the publication of my first novel called The Third Suitcase. It is a fictional adventure story, full of symbols and metaphors, about the voyage towards a person’s unapologetically authentic self. Of course, as is often the case, the geographical journey is intimately linked to the journey of the soul. This involves a lot of peeling off useless layers of ‘pollution’ and societal conditioning – to free up space to welcome a beautifully new universe. The Third Suitcase novel is available in the Emerald Jaaz Shop.

Last but not least, Emerald Jaaz celebrates my love for expression, communication and mentoring. Building on 17 years of vast international professional experience, I am passionate about providing communications services to businesses and individuals; ranging from content strategy and creation, to branding, change management, leadership, partnerships, media, through to various kinds of events. You will find more details in the Services section.

Enjoy the browsing!

I would be delighted to hear from you and welcome comments, ideas, suggestions and questions that you may have.

A big heartfelt thank you to all those who have played their part – from near or afar – in this incredible journey so far.

My very best wishes to all for wonderful, fulfilled and purposeful new beginnings!


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