//Your online network of like-minded people

Your online network of like-minded people

It’s no news that we’re going through a radical transformation in the way we work.

Many people recently got a taste of what it feels like to not have to spend the day being present at the office on a daily basis.

They and their employers realised that, for many professions, the work can be done just as well – if not better and quicker – by working from home.

Technology is on everyone’s side.

Let’s face it: who doesn’t enjoy the comfort, flexibility and productivity of working from wherever you decide?

Now – since we are in the midst of a revolution in the way we work – let’s take this a step further:

How about living fully on your own terms by having your own online business?
If it is designed carefully, you wouldn’t need to trade time for money anymore.

There is no better time to focus on building and launching an online business.

The advantages of flexibility and freedom the gig economy brings to businesses and to our personal lives are priceless.

Are you ready to seriously start preparing for it?

And by the way: having built my own service- and product-based online business, I’d love to share a valuable observation:

Focus on building your online network of like-minded people as early as possible – way before you launch your business.

Don’t wait until you have everything set up first (website, legal registration, product offering…) before you start to build your online presence.

By strategically showing up, providing value, educating others; you build trust, authority and expand your online community.

When you do launch your offering, you will need an already established, engaged audience.

What has your experience been of working from home?


About the author: Jarmila Zářická is a loving mother, wife, friend and mentor. She is a Czech-Australian global citizen having lived and worked on numerous continents – with Germany the current stop on her exhilarating life journey. A few years ago, Jarmila decided to leave her 20-year international corporate career in communications and public affairs – to launch her own service- and product-based online business from scratch. Today, Jarmila is passionate about helping others to also live independently by sharing her knowledge, hands-on experience and lessons learned on how to go from employee to launching their own company. Details on her website (emeraldjaaz.com). For inquiries, get in touch with Jarmila via email (jz@emeraldjaaz.com).

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